Guide to the Masters Golf Tournament

If you have been a golf enthusiast for some time, then chances are you have attended at least one Masters golf tournament or at the very least watched this on television. For those that have not had this opportunity but are planning on attending this event in the future, there are a few tips that they may want to take advantage up

Buying the Tickets

The first important step is going to be on buying at the tickets to ensure one is going to get entry to the game. There are a variety of different ways that people can raise the money to buy these tickets. For example, if you are a slot machine player your winnings from free spins could be used to buy tickets to the Masters. Overall these tickets are not expensive but buying them early enough is what is going to be the priority. There are different places where these tickets can be bought and if there are even lotteries that may be available at that point tickets for this event as the prize.

What to Bring With You

One thing is for sure is that you are going to want to be comfortable during the entirety of watching the Masters the following are a few tips that will help to make this event a totally pleasant one

  • Get there early:

You’re going to want to have one of the best spots for being able to view the gameplay. Everybody that has attended in the past soon discovers what their favourite spot is. A lot of people try to get to the top of the 16th hole as they figure this is the prime location

  • Bring a chair:

Without having something comfortable to sit on you are going to be spending a lot of time standing it is easy enough to take a collapsible chair with you that will provide you with comfortable seating during the tournament

  • Buying gifts:

There is no doubt that you are going to want to buy some memorabilia from the Masters golf tournament. However, you may want to do this after the event as you don’t want to be carrying it around with you all day. At the same time if you don’t buy early, then your selection is going to be limited

  • Phones and cameras:

You are going to find that you will not be allowed to bring your phone or camera when the tournament grounds are in play for those that want to have a picture as a memory there is an opportunity to do this near the first hole. The club will take the picture for you.

  • Refreshments:

There will be plenty of opportunities to enjoy some great food while at the Masters. It is the most affordable and a favourite of many are the pimento cheese sandwiches.